Inactive vs. Active

Traditional Alkalization process is typically done by electrically charging source water to temporarily raise it’s pH. Result is a pH charge that inevitably dissipates and stabilizes back to it’s source pH. When digested the body’s receptors will perceive the water as waste and urinate the water without the hydration benefits alkaline water boasts.

Generosity™ Water differentiates from other alkaline brands because of our natural and active ionic calcium ingredients. Our water is first purified through reverse osmosis, then infused with natural minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium). This is done through a natural process where the water flows over ceramic marbles made of pulverized pearl, coral, and seashells.

The exotically sourced minerals create an “active” alkalinity state that allows the body’s receptors to receive the minerals directly into the bloodstream transporting vital hydrating minerals to the appropriate organs. Allowing one’s body to retain Generosity’s™ alkalized H20.

Generosity’s™ proprietary sourcing and bio-ceramic process allows our pH 10 Water to be engineered from any Water Source, removing the need for expensive and antiquated filtration systems, reducing the over commercialized need of the strong demand of tapping an already scarce resource of Natural Spring Water infrastructures around the world. Eliminating one of the most expensive costs in the Water Industry. The maintenance, sanitation, and logistics of transporting Natural Spring Water.

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