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How is Generosity different?

Generosity is different in two key ways:

1. The Water: Although most bottled water is only purified through basic filtration, Generosity is purified through reverse osmosis, which removes impurities, and then it’s ionized with natural active mineral ingredients for alkalinity. While most alkaline water uses inactive ingredients that lose their pH level over time, Generosity Water is engineered with natural active mineral ingredients that maintain a pH level of 10.0.

2. The Cause: Our commitment to ending the global water crisis is more than a marketing stunt – it’s our founding purpose that we have been committed to for the past 6 years. For every bottle purchased, we give two people clean water in a developing country for one month.

What is alkalized water, and why is it important?

Alkalized water is water enriched with Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, and Ionic Calcium to increase its pH level. Having too much acid in the body can contribute to numerous diseases, and eating an alkaline diet is important to keep your body in balance. To learn more, check out our health page.

How does Generosity compare to at-home alkaline filtration systems?

We use the same filtration process as most at-home alkaline systems. Our goal is to create a more affordable and convenient way for people to drink high quality alkaline water on the go.

Where is the water sourced?

Our water is sourced in Southern California. We have done significant research on this conversation surrounding the So Cal drought and as a company that values people and our planet we wanted to make sure we weren’t doing anything to hurt the current situation in California.

As a start up company that hopes to distribute product around the world, we will soon be opening up additional manufacturing locations in other parts of the US and even around the world.

After reading up about the real causes of the drought in California and looking at what the solutions are, we have found that our bottling plant is not putting the California water supply in any kind of danger whatsoever.

There are many interesting articles that you can read, but here is one that we found helpful. Click here.

How does Generosity measure pH?

We use a certified Potential Hydrogen water tester to measure a pH level that stabilizes at 10.0. Most pH test strips are accurate, so go ahead and put us to the test. You can also check out our formal water analysis report.

Is alkalized water safe for everyone?

Alkaline water is just as safe as any other water. To learn more, check out our health page.

Are the Generosity bottles safe and recyclable?

Yes. Our bottles are chemical and BPA free. They are 100% recyclable, Keep up the cycle of sustainability and recycle every bottle you drink!

Where can I buy Generosity?

Go to our Buy Now page to purchase your Generosity.

If you have a question, please Contact us.